Subject Metal carbonate preparation by CO2 electrolysis of brine water(Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Gwang Deok Jeong)
Name KCRC Date 2015-03-31 Hit 1301

□ Overview

Demonstration of calcium carbonate formation from waste slag and concrete using flue gas




□ Research Goals

•Test bed demonstration for flue gas treatment: 50 Nm3/h flue gas treatment
• Electrochemical Alkaline compounds for mineralization :  <350 kWh/tNaHCO3
• Calcium Carbonate > 0.3 tCaCO3/tCO2


□ Research Contents

•Process development for mineralization using electrochemical system
• Innovative catalytic electrode for electrochemical module
• Electrode development for Test Bed
• Innovative mineralization process using HCl/NaHCO3• Evaluation of process performance by scale-up culturing system




□ Expected Effects

•This technology can be expected as a economical process for the massive CO2 fixation
• The cost to fix CO2 can be expected to be less than $10/tCO2
• The CaCO3 can be high value added products and other inorganics can be used for construction materials

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