Subject Identification of water and chemical stabilities of a Ni-based metal-organic framework for CO2 capture (Korea Univ, Chang Seop Hong)
Name KCRC Date 2015-03-19 Hit 1083

□ Overview

Long-term stabilities of a MOF material on refluxing water and acidic media (down to pH 1.8) that maintains identical CO2 uptake capability after the extreme treatments.



□ Research Goals

•Development of MOFs with high-density open metal sites exhibiting giant surface area and CO2 uptake capability and achievement of optimal solid adsorbents through property improvement


□ Research Contents

Chemical design and development of MOFs with high CO2 capture
• High-performance MOFs with water and chemical stabilities
• Materials engineering of MOFs by controlling size and shape
• Materials economics through development of efficient synthetic methods
• Adsorption system development on lab scale using optimal MOF materials


□ Expected Effects

•High performance of MOFs in CO2 capture

•Development of MEA substitute materials with water, chemical, and thermal stabilities
•Reduction of regeneration energy via chemical design of MOFs and reduction of CO2 capture expenses


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