Subject Energy Efficient Water-low Solvent based New CO2 capture Process(Korean Institute of Energy Research, Il Hyun Baek / Kyunghee Univ, Hoon Sik Kim / Sogang Univ, Kwang Soon Lee)
Name KCRC Date 2015-03-31 Hit 1171

□ Overview

With the reduced regeneration energy by curbing the use of water in an absorbent, this technology significantly decreases CO2 capture cost(reducing regeneration energy over than 50%)



□ Research Goals

•Development of energy efficient quasi-aqueous and nonaqueous CO2 capture process technology
• Demonstration and optimization of pilot-scale CO2 capture new process using quasi-aqueous absorbent
• Development of an innovative energy efficient CO2 capture new process with higher process efficiency and reduced system size


□ Research Contents

•Development of a lab-scale continuous process with quasi-aqueous absorbent
• Design of continuous new process by developing processinterpretation tool to reduce process energy consumption
• Attainment of optimum operation data through comparative evaluation between computer simulation and experimental results and of process reliability by long-term operation with new absorbent
• Improvement of process efficiency through heat integration


□ Application / Expected Effects

•Application of CO2 capture process for thermal power plants, fertilizers, petrochemicals, industrial processes, etc.
• Application of developed CO2 capture new process to domestic industry field in 2020 will reduce 3.43 million tons of CO2
• Preoccupancy of 385 billion WON in domestic market and 4,550 billion WON in international market in 2020
• Preoccupancy of CO2 emissions market with 1,860 billion dollars scale in 2020
• Entering to international CCS market since 2020 and export technologies as commercial products


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Preview Identification of water and chemical stabilities of a Ni-based metal-organic framework for CO2 capture (Korea Univ, Chang Seop Hong)